1. Beatties World of Printing reserve the right to refuse any job, or to terminate any job partially completed, without explanation.

2. Suggested delivery times for designs or goods are estimates only. While Beatties World of Printing has a good reputation for on-time delivery, many variables make it impossible to guarantee. Beatties World of Printing reserve the right to claim full payment even if, under reasonable circumstances, a job is not delivered by the estimated time.

3. Beatties World of Printing uses high quality inks and stock (paper, card, etc.). By ordering goods from Beatties World of Printing, the customer recognizes the limitations of any product including, under certain circumstances, fading, tearing, curling and peeling.

3. Quoted fees do not include occasions when the client changes their mind regarding a design aspect they have previously agreed to or requested. Fees will be applied for time spent on such changes.

4. Payment for goods is to be made in full within 10 days of delivery. Late payment may incur a 10% surcharge and/or refusal of future jobs.